Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8 - Foo'ball is my life

If you have never seen Bob Nelson's football bit, go to YouTube and do a search for him, but make sure you find the Rodney Dangerfield/Young Comedian's Special version. It. Is. HILARIOUS!!!

So, yeah. Big Steelers fan here. Big. I mean, I love football in general (not so much on the college level, though), but I bleed black and gold :)

From Inside the lens



  1. Not really into any sports at all but I am a Steelers fan! Born and raised in York. My parents now live about 1h30m from Pittsburg so they are really in Steelers country now!:)

  2. WOW! No way! You are very close the MD! And I totally know Shrewbury! Went to school down that way and had a lot of friends in that area. Also know Ligonier - a lot of my family is between Johnstown and Altoona area. Small world, huh? :)

  3. Love the photo -- such a fun topic and you've captured it beautifully! I'm not a big sports fan, but of course I'm LOVIN THOSE CHARGERS this weekend! (But we can STILL be friends, can't we???? lol) Hey I was born in Pennsylvania! (In Sunbury, a little town about 50 miles north of Harrisburg -- what a small world we live in!)


  4. I can totally hear Bob Nelson in my head, thanks for the laugh! I also love Hook and I'm really enjoying your project 365. The photo with the holly is my fav so far; keep up the good work! TFS
    Kathyc on SCS