Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12 - Fuzziness

ok, so I took this yesterday, but whatever :) This is one of the blossoms off of my mother's hibiscus tree. The sun was hitting it just so and I was trying to get the fuzziness of the stamen (pistols?). This was the best out of the ones that I took (with the 18-55mm lens, BTW), and I just cropped that portion of the image (which is HUGE... 3K pixels in one area) and then resized it. LOVE Photoshop :)

From Inside the lens


Oh and thanks to all of you loves for the delightful comments!! I appreciate the compliments and critiques, or just when you leave a little bit of yourself :)


  1. Great detail! LOVE the fun fuzziness of it! I too could not function without my Photoshop - I think it can make every photo I take a bit better! And sometimes, A LOT better! ;-)

    *I gave myself permission last week to save photos/take them in advance/whatever for my blog entries. I found it too stressful to take and post on the same day AND since we make our own rules, that's legal! lol

    Have a fun day,


  2. OHH--another FANTASTICLY COOL picture!!

    I do wish that I was tech-savvy enough to figure out Photoshop!!

  3. OMG!!!! This is spectacular Julie! I love the sunny lil' fuzz you captured!