Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter feedings

So it snowed today here in southern PA. We were supposed to get a coating to an inch. Two or so inches later... it's still snowing a bit. I was over at the folk's house, because Sis and BIL came down for a visit (and to meet the new puppy). So while I was there, I took the liberty of borrowing Daddy's camera and catching this little guy at the feeder:

I love how his little neck is stretched out as he gobbles down seed. Such a nice little winter shot.

Are you lookin' at me?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet Sam

He's the newest addition to the family. Mom and Daddy picked him up on Tuesday and he is Mom's little shadow *L* He's a lhasa-poo (lhasa/poodle mix) and is 11 weeks old. He is the funniest little thing... just loves to run around (although his back end can't always keep up with his front end).

He sits so handsomely (when he does sit).

And here he is, trotting along with his tongue sticking out :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A sure sign

ok, I had to take a pic of this plaque tonight when I stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. Might have to check back periodically to find it on sale.

One word: awwwwwwwwyeah :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bachelor Beauties

My sister and I traveled to NYC this past weekend to see Eddie Izzard (more pics to follow). We stayed in a quaint little (emphasis on the little) hotel. This sign was hanging in the lobby:

Apparently our hotel used to be this particular place of *ahem* business. We, however, saw NO bachelor beauties, so I guess they must have been outsourced ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The sky today was GORgeous for both the sunrise and sunset. As one person commented to a post of mine, the best camera is the one that is in your hand... so I used my trusty cell phone for these.


It's a bit blurry, but it's hard to get a really good, steady shot when you are driving :)

And the sky as I was leaving work this evening:

As you can see, a muuuuch better shot :) And neither picture really does the sky justice.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, at least it's pretty....

As with many other places in the country, it's been cold here in PA. But at least the cold weather paid off last week in that we got a few inches of snow. This was the view of the pine trees that I pass as I walk in to work.

Not bad for a cell phone camera, I guess :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing with my food

So I made PW's Flat Apple Pie this weekend and I thought I would try and get a few shots of the food. I used some tips from PW and used manual focus and played around with the exposure. Overall, I am pleased with how they turned out, although I think a 1600 ISO setting might have been a bit high.

Tell me the apples covered in a cinnamon mixture doesn't look delish!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What could be better?

Another post in the theme of "through a child's eyes". After a long day of playing outside in the snow and cold, building snowmen or forts, of sledding down hills and trekking back up them, of engaging your friends in snowball battles of epic proportions... you would come back inside to the warmth, shedding your boots and snow suits and perhaps, just perhaps the perfect way to cap off that day would be a big mug of this:

From Inside the lens

What could be better?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Child's play

The weekly photo challenge over at SplitcoastStampers is to look at things through the eyes of a child. I have to tell you, I have done two photos (one to post today, one tomorrow), and I am really enjoying this challenge. What a great excuse for an adult to get to act like a little kid (it's all for the sincerity in the photo... otherwise the Great Pumpkin won't visit my pumpkin patch).

This is my first shot, and I giggled (still do) at the thought of it. Remember when you were a little kid, and Mom and Dad put you to bed, but you weren't tired and there was that book you wanted to read? But if you had your light on, Mom and Dad would see and know you were up and then you'd get in trouble! Oh, but you were a clever child... you knew just how to pull the wool over their eyes. So, armed with the book and a flashlight, you delved deep, deep into the mines of Moria... I mean deep into your bed sheets and entered the magical world within the pages of the book. And Mom and Dad never knew at all. Riiiiight ;)

From Inside the lens

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

A little TOO cold, especially since there is no snow. Here in PA we had highs in the teens with wind chills of single digits at the warmest. Now I know, you'll tell me that people in North Dakota didn't even see zero as a high. And I will put it to you that anyone who actually lives there either a)has Eskimo in their bloodline or b) is a special brand of crazy.

BUT anyways, since it was so cold, I was in the mood to make some soup. I found a recipe for Baked Potato Soup (go here: soup recipe) over at PW's Tasty Kitchen site. It. Was. Delicious! And I got to use my brand spankin' new dutch oven (Christmas present!).

Here's the soup simmering away (have to own up, Daddy took this picture):
From Inside the lens

Mmmmmm.... cheese.....
From Inside the lens

While at the store, I found ciabatta loaves that you finish baking at home. So a nice, hot, crusty loaf of bread accompanied the soup and it was yum-o (plus I loved taking a pic of the texture)!
From Inside the lens

And finally, the soup all nice and plated (bowled?)
From Inside the lens

Makes me hungry all over again looking at those :)

Stay warm!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In fond remembrance...

So this wasn't taken today. In fact, it's about 10 months old, but I thought I would post something very strange. :) It's just who I am.

Last March, my friend Jenn turned the big 3-0 and I was in charge of bringing the cake in to work. Well, she and I share the same love for cats and the same warped sense of the ridiculous. So naturally, this was the perfect cake for her (everyone else was grossed out, which also heightened the enjoyment *L*).

From Inside the lens

It's a kitty litter cake. You make white and chocolate cakes, crumble them up, mix them with pudding. Some of the white crumbs get mixed with green food coloring for that nice crystal look. The piece de resistance are the tootsie rolls. You just nuke some midgees for a few seconds and them shape them (remember the days of making snakes with Play-Doh?). Roll them in the colored crumbs and lay them around. And, of course, how else would you serve this but in a (clean, never used) litter pan with a (clean, never used) scoop? I think the recipe can be found at so if you have weird friends, or need a cake because it's a tuesday, I highly recommend this one. It really does taste good, you just have to close your eyes :)


Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a Brand New Day

Happy New Year, everyone! Another year, another attempt at a Photo 365. Might end up being a Photo 52... or maybe just a Photo whenever :)

My parents and I are out visiting my Aunt, and it's lovely and snowy out here. So to start this year off right, here are some new snow shots for the New Year!

Doesn't this porch just fit this weather? I want to touch this up in Photoshop, but for now here is the shot SOOC:
From Jan 1 snowfall

These next few are from the mailbox. I was so excited that you could see the intricate patterns (since I don't have a macro lens)!
From Jan 1 snowfall

From Jan 1 snowfall

From Jan 1 snowfall

And two more just to round things out :)
From Jan 1 snowfall

From Jan 1 snowfall