Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 15 - Remembrance

This is a bit of a sampler that was stitched in 1933 by a lady who used to live in the apartment attached to my Grandmother's house. I forget when Doris passed away, but when my Gram passed away and we were cleaning out the house, we found this and I loved it. I don't remember much of Doris, but apparently she and I were buds when I was a little girl :) The sentiment on the sampler is lovely. Since you can only see a little bit in the picture, here is what it says: "Rememberance is the sweetest flower of all this world's perfuming. Memory guards it sun or shower, friendship keeps it blooming."

From Inside the lens



  1. What a wonderful saying and such a special way to remember your grandma as well as her neighbor!