Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13 - Thtuck, thtuck, thtuck!

Ahhhhh, gotta love that scene from A Christmas Story. Anyways, this is a close up shot of an icicle hanging down from the gutter on the house next door. Taken with 18-55mm lens, no flash; cropped in Photoshop Elements.

From Inside the lens



  1. Very cool! literally and figuratively!

  2. WOW! Amazing shot (AND an amazing icicle!) You did a great job capturing the texture - makes me want to touch it!

  3. Oh I almost forgot about the chicken and garlic. I used about 2 tbsp olive oil. I'm not one to really measure so I threw in some minced onion, chives, and parsley with a dash of salt, fresh ground pepper and red pepper. :)

  4. This is gorgeous, I love shape and the lighting of this!