Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4 - Fly away

I confess, this wasn't actually taken today :) I was outside last night in case the sunset was a good shot, and I was playing with the 70-300mm lens when a few flocks of geese flew past. The only problem with that particular lens is that I have to focus manually. It's also a little heavier, so my shots aren't always steady. That being said, I was quite pleased with how this turned out :)

From Inside the lens

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  1. Hey Jules,

    First of all, THANKS so much for checkin out my photo blog! I'm so new to blogging, I didn't even KNOW someone could post a comment until I noticed your note. SO SWEET! SO I had to ramble on over to check yours out too. Beautiful shots! Great job on the nighttime bird photot- I know how hard that must have been to stay still enough to capture that! WOW!

    I've got your blog bookmarked, so I'll keep checking.
    Have fun with this!

    Savoring the Sweet Life