Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25 - Finally!

Ok, so where I am in PA, we've gotten made 1 inch of snow. Total. And it's almost February!! So my Mom called me yesterday morning to tell me to look outside. There was nothing over us on the radar and we weren't supposed to get any snow but we did!!! Just a dusting, really, it didn't even fully cover the ground, but it was enough to dash around taking pictures.

My landlady had a blanket hanging out on the line and it looked really neat, all snowy. I thought the deep color really brought out the snow. Enjoy!

From Inside the lens



  1. This is lovely.
    (and thanks for showing the love in your blogroll! What a nice surprise!)

  2. Love the red blanket with the white snow. Very pretty!

  3. Beautiful ! Great contrast between the blanket and snow!

  4. Oh what a great capture! Glad you finally got a little something! :)