Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where have all the flowers gone?

It. is. so.  COLD!  And the winds have kicked up, which isn't helping matters.  I'm starting to harbor ill will towards a certain weather-predicting rodent who inhabits my state. LOL  Well, even though it's "cold enough to freeze your winnebago" (anyone know where the quote is from?  anyone?), winter still provides some just gorgeous scenes.

ice on the shrub beside my kitchen

more ice on the shrub.  I love how the needles are wrapped in the ice.
Looking up towards the roof, where the icicles start

and, for no reason, Sam :)


  1. Well, you know which one is my favorite! He looks so sad! Mom

  2. Great shots of the ice! (I think I'd be sick of it if I were you too! I can't stand even one rain storm!) Adorable little puppy!

  3. neat shots especially the first one