Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Old Man Winter...

is apparently making himself at home. According to our (PA's) resident February forecaster (Punxsutawney Phil), winter is going to be around for another 6 weeks. As opposed to a mere month and a half until spring... but come on, can we really expect a reliable forecast from a rodent who lives in a heated luxury hole for the other 364.75 days of the year? I think not. He'd say anything just to get back to the warmth. Huh. Never thought I would have something in common with Phil. Maybe he's not such a bad guy.

Anyways, coming back to winter... we had a lovely snowfall last night into this morning. I love when the ground and trees are all thick and gorgeous with snow and the roads are not. So I took the opportunity of being an hour and a half early to work to see if anything struck my photographic fancy. And this bench did! So here is my shot du jour (or moment, but I don't know the French word for that):

More snow in the forecast for the weekend! Hope the rest of you are warm and snug in your beds (figuratively or literally, take your pick!)


  1. I'm glad you left for work early so you could play too - that bench is wonderful! I love the way snow makes ordinary things look extraordinary!

  2. I love the angle you used when you took this picture. I really like this one.