Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summer-y pics and help needed

So here it is, the last Wednesday in February.  For me, that means one thing: Spring will be here soon.  And to have such a happy thought while hearing about another impending winter storm... it's about enough to put me out of my mind LOL  So in the spirit of winter storms, I thought I would post some pics I took from last summer's Fireman's carnival.  I spent some time working on these pics, resizing and adjusting the lighting, some playing around with photo filter effects.  So here they are.  And then at the end of my post will be the question I reference in my post title.

I love the girl's (on the right) posture as she anticipates the popping of the water balloon. 

Here are a few shots of kids on the elevated swing ride (does it have a name?)


And my favorite... I just love the expression on the daughter's face:

ok, now my question.  I got instructions from The Cutest Blog on the Block for adding a signature to my blog.  I made it with a transparent background, but when I add it to this blog, it looks like this:

How do I get the transparent background to show up (or not, I guess).  Anyone know??


  1. oh I wish I could remember how I did a mylive signature and had the same problem but got frustrated with the whole thing and haven't gone back to it.

  2. Kids just enjoy the games......

  3. Hey Julie - if you want to use a transparent background, make sure to save the image as a PNG file; it will show ".png" as the extension when you save it in Photoshop. You'll need to upload the image to From that point, grab the HTML and place it in the Post Template box in Blogger (go to settings and then formatting).

    Hope that helps!

  4. I had a problem when I tried to do mine too and this link helped me work it out.

    I hope it works for you too.