Friday, February 12, 2010

home sweet home

Well here it is, Friday night. When I went to work on Tuesday morning, I took an overnight bag. And I needed it. A bunch of us were at work from Tuesday morning until the end of the workday on Thursday. Why? Well here on the East Coast one winter storm of 30" wasn't enough. Nope. I mean, that's barely worth mentioning! So Tuesday night another storm came barreling across our area, bringing with it a blizzard for Wednesday. It was pretty Wednesday morning, but quickly lost its charm :) Thankfully my neighbors shoveled out my walkway and parking spot, so Mom and Daddy didn't have much to do when they dug themselves out on Thursday and headed to my house.

Here are some shots from work, taken w/ my cell phone:
This is looking out into the main entrance parking lot, I think after breakfast.  Honestly, I can't remember when I took these any more... the days just blurred together.

Looking out the window of my lab.

This is the view from the morgue entrance door (relax, it doesn't open straight to the morgue.  That's just for the funeral homes).  It's hard to tell, but there is quite a bit of snow out there.

So I am glad to be home and just really want it to be summer now :)  My cat was ecstatic to have me home last night.  I sat down and he was on my lap until I got up to go to bed *L*  

On a completely different note, please take a moment to keep the Georgian athletes and the family of the luger who was tragically killed today in your prayers.  I'm sure you all have seen the footage of it on the news, and it's just so sad.  And amazing, to just watch and realize how quickly life can be snuffed out.  What a horrible loss to have to endure.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming: it's the weekend!  Meeting an old friend from HS tomorrow, then shopping for the Valentine's dinner I'm making my Mom and Dad. 

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  1. we were on a cruise when we heard about all the snow hitting the east coast mother nature is amazing.