Sunday, April 11, 2010

K is for ketchup

Before going to my nephew's lacrosse game yesterday, we met my sister and her hubby for lunch.  If you have a Five Guys anywhere near you, and you have not been... go.  They make the BEST hamburgers.  And you get tons of fries, so if it's less than 3 of you going, order a small fry (or regular, I forget which they call it).  If 4 or more then, and only then, order a large.

So, since today is brought to us by the letter "K", what better than to have a picture of that most scrumptious sauce, the king of condiments:
ketchup (BTW- Heinz is the best, hands down).


  1. I love 5 Guys and I totally agree on your fries assessment. I really this shot.

  2. "King of condiments" indeed. And you are totally right that Heinz is in a league of their own. My little guy won't eat anything potato so he just uses fries as scoops to down his ketchup.

    Five Guys does rock. Their hot dogs are good too.

    Great letter "k"!