Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Because I need some sun...

It's been rainy and dreary around these parts, so I thought I would post some pics I took this past summer. About a mile south of me was a ginormous field of sunflowers. I loved it and really wanted to just go lie in the middle of it... until I saw all of the grasshoppers. That quickly changed my mind. I hate bugs. With a passion. I get crickets in my house all the time, and I am glad for a cat who will kill them. I still have to clean up the dead bug parts, but at least I'm not trying to smash it with my shoe as the creepy thing jumps at me.

Anyways, I digress a bit. Sorry. :)

From Sunflowers

I thought this one was neat, just because it was a sunflower eclipse. Not what I meant to get, but chalk one up for happy accidents!

From Sunflowers

Aaaahhhh, sun.

Maybe we'll see some tomorrow.

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  1. very cool effect. I need some son too. come out come out whereever you are